Monday, February 11, 2008

Online marketing for the business

The business that was have been built by us or that is building now, certain must have metods and must have the marketing plan to market it. The online marketing is a marketing method that is include in a marketing form that have many kinds of that, beside offlline marketing method that have a good value for our business, significantly
Online marketing is a method how to market our business through internet. This methods that we can use are like: using search engine marketing , using a blog as a marketing tool, use direct email marketing, use traffic exchange marketing, use banner exchange marketing, use buy-sale links as a marketing method, marketing through an E-zine, use the pixel page site as a marketing tools too, marketing method through some directories, through SEO marketing, using link farm site (FFA/ Free for all), use mailing list/groups to market our business, and buying/renting the signatures at some forums, using social network community site, maybe we can use message board site, and then we can use some blogs to review our site through 3rd party, using viral marketing system like for free traffic, and don’t forget to use the affiliate /referral program to build our business.
What ever method that we want to choose, all of that are good options as long as not to violate the rules from each other. And also it’s depend on our budget to make paid advertising for our sites/businesses in the net.