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Writing an article in a blog for a business online

Business in the internet was the thing that couldn't be ignored become the second alternative of business,for a serious business maker. There are many companies based on dotcom, yang have been succeed in the internet, like for example :,,,,,,,,, are really make a business online to be successful business companies. They have spent of many things, such as Money, idea, effort , hard working, attention, failure, time, creatifity. This is must become a general pattern for anyone to start a business online and offline. This blog is writing about anything that related about business in the intenet or in the digital world. Start writing in the domain name field, marketing, how to make articles, SEO, blogging field, until how to make money online field. For additional information about this issue you can find my other blog (4-makemoney.bst). This blog is also make a plan…

Blogging for business online

What is blog ?
A blog is a weblog… that is a website/homepage that contain articles that we have wrote about anything that we loved, with any reasons. A blog also can be contained with an image, video, sound, and graphic. Before in the ’90, when the people who get start to making an article, knowledge about using HTML and FTP are still to be needed. But today , for everyone can do making a blog or publish their articles with the more easier method , without must know about HTML firstly.

But the knowledge of HTML is a form ease for us to manage our articles. Actually, a blog is a CMS (content management system) form too, that is , the system that be able to manage the content orderly, well organized and be structured, by using XML programming. With a blog we can make creation about our hobby and our expertise. As well as is a tool form to make learning and make practicing directly.This thing is related about the content of the blog, SEO, keyword, graphic, mastery of HTML , XML, CSS, lay …

The value of Domain name in the online business world

What is domain ?

A domain name is the name that imaging a zone that have an influence in all of the field both in online and offline life. All of the peoples who know about internet can work to make in order that they to be famous. That in the last time could be used to go in direction what they wish. A domain name can become a thing that will be fight by many peoples, and to get a good name, today is very difficult.
Because eveyrone in this planet have the same wanting. If we doing an effort to make business on the internet, the first thing that we have to do is knowing about what the kind of the product or the service that will be sold to public. And the second thing is about the pretty name and also the most short that have a relationship with our business core.And then in the 3 rd step we must know about the keyword or keyword phrase that we can use that have a highest searching level through the search engines, that have related with our business plan that will be used for our doma…

EPR and Ezine in the online business.

Business marketing is the field job for a public relation that form a part of marketing field, that usually could be done by offline. They try to form an image of the product from a company in order that can be known by the peoples. So the products will be remembered by buyers candidate ,easily. But today is the century of the modern hi-technology that have advance behavior, so the digital information is have reach fast and instantly, this matter could happen pass by internet (desktop or laptop), and also pass through mobile’s like: PDA, Smart Phone, even maybe also will pass by digital television?. Because the hardware and software of the digital stuffs is very fast in advance development, today. In the digital world now, we can access any kind of the information in many format, that is in image format, in sound, in graphic, in animation, in 3D (space) format, in one package.

EPR (electronic Public relation) is Public relation through electronic media, it’s could be formed a radio, te…