Thursday, April 17, 2008

Using credit card in the online business.

Using credit cards has been expanded, has been became an obligation among businessmen both offline and online. There are so many online shops in around the world that use dan accept credit cards in their transaction, beside they also use and accept the electronic payment prossesor as a payment gateway for their e-shops( electronic shops). Like for example :,,,,,, etc, even this services are also have a credit card option in the deposit and withdraw section, or just for verification for the user’s account ( the example for this case is …paypal, “a credit card via paypal” ).
Running an online business is must have all of the kind of ease in using system, among : sellers, buyers, investors, affiliates, owners, admin mainly in making a comunication and information, as well as the money flow quickly, easily and electronically. In fact, this thing is most interesting for doing business in the internet.

There are many payment prosessors that can be used to support a business ease but they cannot be used to buy something in the real world (offline), and the solution for this problem is using a credit card. Because with a credit card we can make sell and buy, both online and offline. Even , if we can use all of them , it’s the best option.
There are many credit cards that have been offered by credit card companies, and with all of the kind of ease and fun. For the credit card holders, this is the best option form to choose the best credit card offers.

The credit car issuers are race to attract peoples with many eases and fun , like giving rewards , provide a complete information, free consultation from their expert in this field. As well as possible , someone before make a decision to choose a credit card , we must learn about credit card field by simple and comprehensively. We can learn it at this site as a good example that I have ever knew. This site could show us about credit card field by simple and comprehensive enough , they work to make clear credit card for any consumer , beside offer credit cards from all the type of the credit cards, include the issuers of the credit card and benefits.They provide articles about credit cards and also provide the expert page. Through their information we can learn something, that maybe part of us have never received information like that.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The influence of using of the web design in the online business.

The business that will be done in the internet, was very need to be seen very nice and techie of an interface of the site for the business. The site is an interactive, communicative interface application in internet that will be used among the owners, the clients, interdepartement, data, graph, and investors, as well as the admin of the site.
The beauty appearance and good looking will make the peoples more interested and more trust about reliability of the business (the site). But the speed of connection of the site is also need to be seen. Because the places of the world are not have the same standard of the internet technology, especially in the speed of connection of internet. This thing is connected with how big of the files that could be saved as an interface per page?
The most better thing about this problem is 50kb for the maximum size of the file per page. Some of the sites that have very nice appearance in my opinion are :,,,,,etc.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Online marketing for the business

The business that was have been built by us or that is building now, certain must have metods and must have the marketing plan to market it. The online marketing is a marketing method that is include in a marketing form that have many kinds of that, beside offlline marketing method that have a good value for our business, significantly
Online marketing is a method how to market our business through internet. This methods that we can use are like: using search engine marketing , using a blog as a marketing tool, use direct email marketing, use traffic exchange marketing, use banner exchange marketing, use buy-sale links as a marketing method, marketing through an E-zine, use the pixel page site as a marketing tools too, marketing method through some directories, through SEO marketing, using link farm site (FFA/ Free for all), use mailing list/groups to market our business, and buying/renting the signatures at some forums, using social network community site, maybe we can use message board site, and then we can use some blogs to review our site through 3rd party, using viral marketing system like for free traffic, and don’t forget to use the affiliate /referral program to build our business.
What ever method that we want to choose, all of that are good options as long as not to violate the rules from each other. And also it’s depend on our budget to make paid advertising for our sites/businesses in the net.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Submitting the site at search engines

Introducing a search engine is a must , in the association of internet life, because knowing something or a certain information through internet, using search engines is to do looking for by systematic, accurate, fast, and completely. We can make an assumption that the search engine database is like a big library, where for every book/site/ information was be arranged by well organized, base on certain keyword or phrase keywords that contained in there.
The such also thing if we will use a specific keyword or a phrase keyword to looking for an information that we wish trhough search engine box that we called “ searching”. The more specific of the keywords so it’s more quickly to find the information, and more accurate. By the way in order that the information that we have made, through a site or a blog in order that can most easy to appear in the first page of the search engine, so we must determine what the keywords pattern that we will make it.
This thing is about optimizing of the site at search engine that can called SEO (Search engine Optimation). It’s about how to make optimation of the site at the major search engines, how to make the site can be indexed fast, how to make the site always appeared at first page of the search engine (based on any certain keyword or phrase keywords). This is include one of business marketing technique. We can use the free tools that can help us to find the trend keyword, or the highest paying keyword, and also can help to find the variation of keywords, like mentioned in my post at another page.
After we make keyword and keyword pattern , also need attention about keyword density, keyword prominence now we can submit the site at major search engines like:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This is about submitting the site manually. But if we want to make submitting semi otomatically we can use softwares like,, or we can also use a certain otomatic software.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Writing an article in a blog for a business online

Business in the internet was the thing that couldn't be ignored become the second alternative of business,for a serious business maker. There are many companies based on dotcom, yang have been succeed in the internet, like for example :,,,,,,,,, are really make a business online to be successful business companies. They have spent of many things, such as Money, idea, effort , hard working, attention, failure, time, creatifity. This is must become a general pattern for anyone to start a business online and offline. This blog is writing about anything that related about business in the intenet or in the digital world. Start writing in the domain name field, marketing, how to make articles, SEO, blogging field, until how to make money online field. For additional information about this issue you can find my other blog (4-makemoney.bst). This blog is also make a planning before create a post, and then doing research that related of the topic, enclosed the site examples, insert the keywords and keyword phrases, make a title that related with the content, and the description and keywords too. This stuffs is also must be matched with the domain name. In this case is my domain name.

Writing about the business problem in the business field is have a large scale of the topics. But this topic is become interesting thing for everyone who want to make start /exist a business online or offline. Because based on my experience that everyone who have experience and long time in internet certain having a dreaming to make a business online although at small business even in very…very small busines.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blogging for business online

What is blog ?

A blog is a weblog… that is a website/homepage that contain articles that we have wrote about anything that we loved, with any reasons. A blog also can be contained with an image, video, sound, and graphic. Before in the ’90, when the people who get start to making an article, knowledge about using HTML and FTP are still to be needed. But today , for everyone can do making a blog or publish their articles with the more easier method , without must know about HTML firstly.

But the knowledge of HTML is a form ease for us to manage our articles. Actually, a blog is a CMS (content management system) form too, that is , the system that be able to manage the content orderly, well organized and be structured, by using XML programming. With a blog we can make creation about our hobby and our expertise. As well as is a tool form to make learning and make practicing directly.This thing is related about the content of the blog, SEO, keyword, graphic, mastery of HTML , XML, CSS, lay out , as well as marketing of the blog and other our sites.

There are many free blogs provider in the internet, but the paid services is more beautiful feature, likefor example:,,,,, and, etc. here we could add some blog tools to our blogs, such as : hit counter, calendar, clock, Page rank button, Shoutbox, donate button, Newsreel, ads widget, cyclet of feed syndication, search engine box, etc. All of this blog software and tools are just doing copy and paste at our HTML page lay out and then publish it. Even we can change and choose the template with another free beautiful blog templates, like in,,, etc, in order that our blog look like more beautiful.

Creating a blog is also to be used to increase the value of our site. In this matter is increasing the traffic, page rank, and the price of a the site, This is include in marketing field. Truelly, there are too many ways to market about our site/blog in the internet. But blog marketing is one of the pretty internet marketing ways. And also if we want to market our blog we can use this methods,such as join in mailing list, forums (signature, ask review), social network, social bookmarking, link exchange, buy links, search engines submission, site feed, press release, direct mail, etc.

And also we canot ignore the possibility of earning money from advertisements,the meaning is making money with a blog,because earnings money from the ads is also a part of the our business online. Even, with the blog we could make a business blog, by selling the links method, rent the links, make a writing review services, as well as selling/renting a banner space, this is a real business opportunity, for home business maker. There is no any difficulties in create a blog, because there are many tutorials about making a blog, at internet.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The value of Domain name in the online business world

What is domain ?

A domain name is the name that imaging a zone that have an influence in all of the field both in online and offline life. All of the peoples who know about internet can work to make in order that they to be famous. That in the last time could be used to go in direction what they wish. A domain name can become a thing that will be fight by many peoples, and to get a good name, today is very difficult.

Because eveyrone in this planet have the same wanting. If we doing an effort to make business on the internet, the first thing that we have to do is knowing about what the kind of the product or the service that will be sold to public. And the second thing is about the pretty name and also the most short that have a relationship with our business core.And then in the 3 rd step we must know about the keyword or keyword phrase that we can use that have a highest searching level through the search engines, that have related with our business plan that will be used for our domain name.
This matter can be known through by a special tool, such as google adword external tool, or also overture view bid tool, or maybe also through woodtracker, and there are many tools that can be used for this purpose. The 4th step is choose the name that form the most favorite of Top Level domain , such as .com, or net, .biz,. or also .us, etc. The 5th of the step is choose the name by one word or fusion of 2 words, or maybe abbreviate of 5 letters, that will be easy to remembered. And then use our insting and our logical to choose a name. After we have found a pretty name , so we must going to register a domain name immediately at a domain registrar or maybe buy a domain expired, and also maybe we could buy a domain parking that have been parked at the domain parking site d, like, go,, etc.

Today, the domain name is so important in the digital life, so this stuff is must be protected by the rules, and have been made a special market for domain sellers. The business of domain in this markets was have had a big capital or have a large number of circulation of money. This situation was made domain players to be desired. The domain name have been arranged by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), if we want to register a new domain is in the domain registrar or also we can register at the hosting site company that have a reseller program from the registrar company. The individual or the new companies who looking for a good name can find in the domain market such as, go,,, etc The name that earlier just have prize at about $7 can become million dollar prize, if we could know the knowledge about this thing. Even the writer of this article have found that the keyword that have related with the internet domain was have a high value in CPC program.

Truelly, combination of the domain name and the tittle of the site as well as with a good description of the site ,plus the content of the website and also with high value of the keyword are form a big capital of the online business of yours at present and at the future.