The influence of using of the web design in the online business.

The business that will be done in the internet, was very need to be seen very nice and techie of an interface of the site for the business. The site is an interactive, communicative interface application in internet that will be used among the owners, the clients, interdepartement, data, graph, and investors, as well as the admin of the site.
The beauty appearance and good looking will make the peoples more interested and more trust about reliability of the business (the site). But the speed of connection of the site is also need to be seen. Because the places of the world are not have the same standard of the internet technology, especially in the speed of connection of internet. This thing is connected with how big of the files that could be saved as an interface per page?
The most better thing about this problem is 50kb for the maximum size of the file per page. Some of the sites that have very nice appearance in my opinion are :,,,,,etc.


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I use it from, you can find the link at my blog.
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