Submitting the site at search engines

Introducing a search engine is a must , in the association of internet life, because knowing something or a certain information through internet, using search engines is to do looking for by systematic, accurate, fast, and completely. We can make an assumption that the search engine database is like a big library, where for every book/site/ information was be arranged by well organized, base on certain keyword or phrase keywords that contained in there.
The such also thing if we will use a specific keyword or a phrase keyword to looking for an information that we wish trhough search engine box that we called “ searching”. The more specific of the keywords so it’s more quickly to find the information, and more accurate. By the way in order that the information that we have made, through a site or a blog in order that can most easy to appear in the first page of the search engine, so we must determine what the keywords pattern that we will make it.
This thing is about optimizing of the site at search engine that can called SEO (Search engine Optimation). It’s about how to make optimation of the site at the major search engines, how to make the site can be indexed fast, how to make the site always appeared at first page of the search engine (based on any certain keyword or phrase keywords). This is include one of business marketing technique. We can use the free tools that can help us to find the trend keyword, or the highest paying keyword, and also can help to find the variation of keywords, like mentioned in my post at another page.
After we make keyword and keyword pattern , also need attention about keyword density, keyword prominence now we can submit the site at major search engines like:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This is about submitting the site manually. But if we want to make submitting semi otomatically we can use softwares like,, or we can also use a certain otomatic software.


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