Blogging for business online

What is blog ?
A blog is a weblog… that is a website/homepage that contain articles that we have wrote about anything that we loved, with any reasons. A blog also can be contained with an image, video, sound, and graphic. Before in the ’90, when the people who get start to making an article, knowledge about using HTML and FTP are still to be needed. But today , for everyone can do making a blog or publish their articles with the more easier method , without must know about HTML firstly.

But the knowledge of HTML is a form ease for us to manage our articles. Actually, a blog is a CMS (content management system) form too, that is , the system that be able to manage the content orderly, well organized and be structured, by using XML programming. With a blog we can make creation about our hobby and our expertise. As well as is a tool form to make learning and make practicing directly.This thing is related about the content of the blog, SEO, keyword, graphic, mastery of HTML , XML, CSS, lay out , as well as marketing of the blog and other our sites.

There are many free blogs provider in the internet, but the paid services is more beautiful feature, likefor example:,,,,, and, etc. here we could add some blog tools to our blogs, such as : hit counter, calendar, clock, Page rank button, Shoutbox, donate button, Newsreel, ads widget, cyclet of feed syndication, search engine box, etc. All of this blog software and tools are just doing copy and paste at our HTML page lay out and then publish it. Even we can change and choose the template with another free beautiful blog templates, like in,,, etc, in order that our blog look like more beautiful.

Creating a blog is also to be used to increase the value of our site. In this matter is increasing the traffic, page rank, and the price of a the site, This is include in marketing field. Truelly, there are too many ways to market about our site/blog in the internet. But blog marketing is one of the pretty internet marketing ways. And also if we want to market our blog we can use this methods,such as join in mailing list, forums (signature, ask review), social network, social bookmarking, link exchange, buy links, search engines submission, site feed, press release, direct mail, etc.

And also we canot ignore the possibility of earning money from advertisements,the meaning is making money with a blog,because earnings money from the ads is also a part of the our business online. Even, with the blog we could make a business blog, by selling the links method, rent the links, make a writing review services, as well as selling/renting a banner space, this is a real business opportunity, for home business maker. There is no any difficulties in create a blog, because there are many tutorials about making a blog, at internet.


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