The email is as the main gun in the business world.

In the digital life, using an email is absolutely important, which where to used in communication, interaction, contact to other peoples, the email element is a general requirement. Especially for a marketer through internet business. You will received the best news and newest news about the products that will be marketed by us, and also through that email we will to market the products. As well as by the email we will to introduce our business into the society of a business world widely, through forums, social networks, blog communities, mailing lists, groups, classified ads, banner exchange, newsletter, etc. The email is a certainty, mainly when to do to make sign up in all kind of sites , especially in the business sites such as above mentioned.

With a polite language style, as well as undirectly like to the point that like sounds to market nudely, even less the content of our email is have a biggest part is knowledge about something that related with our business that will be marketed, so our email will get a positive welcome as well as have a good possibility for not to be included as a spam, by a business society. Also need to be seen is about the signature on email that we will send out, this thing is could be formed an e-card (graphic) or just formed as a text (which where if have been clicked by some one, then will bring to our sites).This thing is maybe form a large part of public relation electronically or we can called EPR (Electronic public Relation) or CPR (Cyber Public Relation).

Actually, there are some rules in to do campaign for our business that can called the ethics of association of the internet business or as a polite behavior at online life. Like for example is use a general font, use black color for font’s color, don’t use capital letter for every words, avoid using a attachment file, give the response as soon as possible, giving emoticon, etc.

There are many sites that provide ads services base on email, such as sites that form a direct email company. This company is base on business online is have email database from the peoples who have interest to accept about the information of a special topic. They have a relationship with the big sites, but targeted only, against the interested topics, be like,, or

Also maybe we can use e-zine company base on email, which where when they release an article in the web and they decide to be a sponsor for that e-zine company then tell the article to e-zine users, as a short article (press release), where also will be included a box resources, in order that our identity and our company is in there, be like:,,, etc.

The email is a something that very useful and form a main gun to built an image of the product, to business owners, to marketing managers, to Professional Public relation, to Webmasters, to marketing practices, and to every one who interested to use email for EPR or CPR., for a big business or for a small business. Marketing through digital world is a great occasions and also have a desired challenge. There are many examples of successful business man through electronic business, which where the email is a abbreviation of electronic mail. Email power


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