EPR and Ezine in the online business.

Business marketing is the field job for a public relation that form a part of marketing field, that usually could be done by offline. They try to form an image of the product from a company in order that can be known by the peoples. So the products will be remembered by buyers candidate ,easily. But today is the century of the modern hi-technology that have advance behavior, so the digital information is have reach fast and instantly, this matter could happen pass by internet (desktop or laptop), and also pass through mobile’s like: PDA, Smart Phone, even maybe also will pass by digital television?. Because the hardware and software of the digital stuffs is very fast in advance development, today. In the digital world now, we can access any kind of the information in many format, that is in image format, in sound, in graphic, in animation, in 3D (space) format, in one package.

EPR (electronic Public relation) is Public relation through electronic media, it’s could be formed a radio, television, or internet. While at the internet is called Cyber Public Relation(CPR). Now we talk about EPR in the internet, or we called CPR. A public is a target who will be reached or also will reach us, this thing was related by EPR job. While the relation is a manner that will be used to build a connection between we and client. It’s could be form in one for one or in one for many.

The EPR have many advantage and also have many superior compared then a conventional manner (offline) or pass through another electronic media. That is more globally, more interactive, as well as more communicative and also more informative , and also can access more easily at every time between marketer and client, as well as the cost is cheaper than the offline manner. But in the other side this thing is make us have more be honest and more carefully, as well as more hard working, because if we want to build a business system in internet, there are so many competition, more was open, more often happened.

We can see how the business companies that based on dotcom, was spring up, then gone everyday. Actually , at the PR job in offline have many limitedness that have a little way out, but with online media or internet business (e business), so we can get many way out. Because the internet is have many business informations, knowledge of business, as well as science & technology.

The prime target for a EPR is a publisher of newspapers and magazines that have digital version, or have a news media online. In this case there is a connection that mutual beneficially between EPR and e zine company. That is , the e zine companies will get a good article of business that could be published in their website and also could be released to their users , as well as get a sponsor for their e zine operational.
On the other side , the EPR will get access to build a connection with e zine users personnaly. The e-zine’s readers can see our signature at the bottom of each articles that have been released to them, that’s means they will know who we are.
And also, in the side of e zine’s readers, they will get a new knowledge that appropriate with their interest, even maybe they can get a new manner of business ideas from the business articles mentioned.

A business society is have a more interesting to the content of the information of business compared then the advertisements. It’s because there is something that they can take, as well as have a possibility , that they can give a respond about the articles. So , in this level , fusion of ads and article in one page is become a good option to campaign our business or your business, both for small business and big business. As well as the reason of this way is to get a business valuation , or maybe also will get a business solutions as a feedback from e zine’s users.


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